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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Department offers the following range of services:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a form of treatment in which a patient breathes 100% oxygen at pressure greater than 1 atmospheric pressure (ATA).
  • Therapy is given in special chambers.
  • The aim of the treatment is to increase the O2 level dissolved in the plasma up to 15 times the normal amounts, which helps in treatment of many diseases, e.g.
  • Diabetic wounds, non healing ulcers, Bed sores, Burn, after radiation therapy, traumatic wounds, Hearing loss, vision loss, Bone infection, after plastic Surgery Stroke, sport injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning and many other diseases.

How can Cancer Patients Helped by Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ?

  • Hyerbaric oxygenation for tumour sensitization to radiotherapy. 
    Cancer is common and radiotherapy is one well-established treatment for some solid tumours. HBO may improve the ability of radiotherapy to kill hypoxic cancer cells.

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treatment and prevention of DELAYED RADIATION Injury.

  • Definition and Causes :
    Radionecrosis is a complication of cancer radiation therapy, especially external beam radiation therapy (EBRT). Necrosis means the death of cells in bones, organs, and soft tissues. Side effects of radiation therapy may not present a health problem for months or even years after treatment.

  • Treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy :
    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is widely accepted as an effective treatment for delayed radiation injuries.

Hyperbaric (HBOT) Information

Cancer & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Information: (Click here to download) 

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