Ear, Nose & Throat
Dr.Levente Deak

Dr.Levente Deak

M.D PhD - Consultant ENT Surgeon

Specialization: Rhinoplasty, Sinus Surgery, Septoplasty, Turbinoplasty

“My profession is my passion,” says Dr. Levente Deak, a well-recognized ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgeon who is specialized in nose related problems including the field of Rhinoplasty.

مهنتي هي شغفي : هو شعار الدكتور ليفنتي ديك، وهو جراح أنف وأذن وحنجرة معترف به على نطاق واسع ومتخصص في معالجة مشاكل الأنف ومن ضمنها عمليات تجميل الأنف

Due to his firm belief that form could not be complete without function and the art and science of restoring the symmetry and the functionality of the nose, makes him one of the very few ENT Surgeons who also hold sway over the field of cosmetic surgery.

As an internationally accredited surgeon, Dr. Levente has been an ENT consultant for over the past 10 years. He refined his professional skills by completing ENT fellowship programs at Northwestern University in Chicago, and Pediatric Otolaryngology at Heim Pal Childrens' Hospital in Budapest.

During his fellowship at the Northwestern University, he conducted extensive research in which he received the prestigious Spoendlin and Bekesy awards. Research is still the cornerstone of his medical practice, and his papers are published in many international scientific journals.

Staying up to date with the latest medical and surgical trends in his fields, he is focusing on networking with his colleagues at international congresses all over the world. He can then offer the best treatment plans to his patients.

He believes in disseminating what he has learned and regularly conducts training programs for young ENT doctors, and frequently invited to speak at international ENT conferences and forums.
In his profession, Dr. Levente pursues perfection, which he views in terms of short-term comfort and long-term well-being of all his patients.


* European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS)
* Royal College of Surgeon (Glasgow)
* British Association of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
* British Rhinological Society
* European Rhinology society