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Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback through our social platforms. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I had surgery in the Gynaecology Department.
All above all praise: the doctor, and the anesthesiologist, and nurses, and equipment, and conditions!

My surgeon was Dr Abboud: she is an excellent surgeon and a very attentive doctor.
In fact, she did me five operations for one time: removed two tumours, two large cysts and endometriosis.

The doctor helped me a lot at the consultation during my stay in the hospital, in detail answered all my additional questions that arose after. She was always in touch, and her answers were always very professional.
Thank you, Dr Abboud!

For those who are very afraid of pain just like myself: it was not painful at all, I think the droppers, which put after surgery, were helpful and also the excellent care. What is essential for any woman: scars on the stomach are minimal, heal well, do not spoil the appearance.

The anesthesiologist for my surgery was Dr Afshin Iranapour. Before the surgery, he advised me for preparations. He's a good anesthesiologist, and he was very supportive. He is a very kind person.

Nursing care is just amazing!
The nurses of this hospital (at least in Gynaecology, where I was staying after the surgery) are the ideal of care, the ideal of attitude to the neighbour and humanity. They were both polite and professional, and I felt that everyone was happy to help.

I would like to thank all the girls by name, but unfortunately, I did not remember all their names (after the operation I got not very clear head).
However, I especially remember the kindness of a nurse named Elizabeth and Linda's constant help.

Thank you to every nurse who took care of me!
Surrounded by such people, one would want to recover faster!

I had a beautiful room: like a room in a five-star hotel. It was also clean and comfortable. The food was good and large portions. All the staff: cleaners, waitresses were perfectly polite and pleasant.

I also want to admit that I have hated hospitals all my life.
But Al Zahra hospital Dubai cured me of this feeling.
I received not only medical care but also good mood and harmony.
Thank you!

With respect
Samira Pavlova
Date of Posting: 19 June 2018
Posted By: Samira Pavlova
I was referred to Dr. Jenkinson by another surgeon who was unable to assist me because he could not provide the necessary long-term follow up. I am very pleased that he did. I have found Dr. Jenkinson to be thoroughly professional, candid and realistic. My sleeve surgery in January 2018 went very well and, following his team’s clear advice, I have lost a third of my excess weight in 3 months. I only have one regret which is that I did not seek his advice years ago.
Date of Posting: 02 May 2018
Posted By: .........
Dear Dr Sadir,

With the news you gave us at our meeting, I forgot to mention to you in person about the excellent care I received at the hospital for the SNLB at Al Zahra from you and the rest of the team.

Everyone that I met/or who dealt with me during my time at the hospital were extremely helpful from the junior staff (porters in admissions and taking me to theatre), catering/cleaning staff, nurses on general ward, operating theatre staff (including yourself and Dr Hummaa of course) really made a worrying and difficult time much more comfortable and bearable.

I can’t say I enjoyed the visit to Saudi German for the tracer, as the procedure there was very painful, but I was thankful that Adel was with me to take good care of me and coordinate.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know before I forget again.

We have obviously been trying to get our heads around the news you gave us and been taking a look at the website that you gave me details of, so have questions starting to form. I will get these down on paper so that we can discuss and then get in touch with you soonest.

Many thanks & regards
Date of Posting: 16 April 2018
Posted By: Lee
Thank you, Dr. Andrew Jenkinson, for fixing my post hernia surgery infections that I had picked up due to two failed Hernia surgeries that I had done in India. My condition was going from bad to worse until you started treating me in London at the BMI hospital, after which my health condition improved. I am forever grateful to you, for your medical expertise and professional nature.
Date of Posting: 10 April 2018
Posted By: .........
I am delighted to have found Mr. Jenkinson. He is very professional, patient in explaining all aspects of treatment and took a great deal of time to answer all my questions. His support team are also very helpful, and I found the whole process, from initial consultation to my current regime of regular reviews, stress free and reassuring. I would highly recommend him to everyone.
Date of Posting: 10 April 2018
Posted By: .........
When I booked my appointment with Dr Jenkinson. I was very nervous. I had researched thoroughly for 6 months & my choice came down to the fact he had operated on my friend before me. (who was also very happy) I asked and volunteered to have the op. I liked he wasn't trying to sell it to me like a second hand car dealer as many others had tried when I enquired.. he is very professional and great in his field. He is not just interested in making money like many other companies that advertised. I felt in the best of hands. And haven't looked back. The only criticism was that the post sent by his office secretary was not sealed privately when sent to my address. And the nutritionist has not been that interested in my progress. I do not regret my decision and would do it again with Dr Jenkinson.
Date of Posting: 10 April 2018
Posted By: .........
Mr Jenkinson is a HERO...Mr Jenkinson saved our lives!!!! 6 in the family have undergone weight loss as well as hernia surgery including the lap band, sleeve and gastric bypass. He is the most caring, compassionate and dedicated Dr you could wish to be caring for you. With his vast medical knowledge, skilled and blessed hands you will feel safe and secure after your first appointment with him. Look no further, go from being from being miserable to happy. Give his always accommodating secretary Natalie a call.
Date of Posting: 10 April 2018
Posted By: .........
Mr Jenkinson put me at ease from the first appointment. He wasn’t judgemental, listened and advised accordingly. The operation was a success – just as he said it would be and that classic line of “it has changed my life” comes to mind as it really has! No more ongoing medication is required, and I am down two dress sizes. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Jenkinson.
Date of Posting: 10 April 2018
Posted By: .........
Dr Jenkinson put me at ease the moment I met him. He has a wonderful non-judgemental attitude and really understands the issues around obesity. My whole experience from start to finish was excellent. He has quite literally changed my life and I wish I had found him sooner. I must add that his PA is a joy to deal with too.
Date of Posting: 10 April 2018
Posted By: .........
As a doctor myself I try to choose the best both for my patients, myself and my family. I have been referring patients to Dr Jenkinson for many years and the feedback from my patients has always been superb. When I became a patient myself he was the obvious choice for me. There was no wait at all, the service provided was absolutely outstanding and the results amazing! I will continue to recommend him to my patients as my number one choice!
Date of Posting: 10 April 2018
Posted By: .........

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