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Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback through our social platforms. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Just returned having had my first baby at Al Zahra. What turned out to be a long and exhausting labour resulting in an emergency c- section, I cannot complement the doctors, midwives and nurses at this hospital enough. From the minute we arrived till the minute we left with our daughter, the staff were outstanding. Their compassion and patient care was second to none and definitely made my experience so much better . We had Dr Yamini throughout the pregnancy right through to delivery and she is exceptional! Thank you to all the staff for looking after us.(on Facebook!)
Date of Posting: 08 April 2016
Posted By: Trish Gregory
I had a pleasant time staying at there for my parotid tumor removal operation the doctor and the nurses was so much kind and helpful with me during my stay and after I'm so glad and thankful to them. Thank you.(on Facebook!)
Date of Posting: 04 March 2016
Posted By: BrownSuger Jab
Kind treatment from doctor Sadir al Rawi and amazing and kind nurses and caring radiology department, Thank you for everything.(on Facebook)
Date of Posting: 28 February 2016
Posted By: Amna D. Saleh
Fast and efficient, friendly staff and excellent doctor. I see there are some bad reviews but I don't understand why... my experience was very good this has to be one of the best hospitals in Dubai thoroughly recommended.(on Google+)
Date of Posting: 28 February 2016
Posted By: Chris Morley
Great hospital and caring staff.(on Google+)
Date of Posting: 27 February 2016
Posted By: Almaz Taye
Dr Sivakami Arumugan is the best ophtalmologist! She is able to explain complex problems in a way everybody understands. Not just professional in her area, but very human, helpful and kind.(on Facebook)
Date of Posting: 14 February 2016
Posted By: Linda Laszlo
My kind of hospital. If i don't feel well, i visit Al Zahra hospital - good doctors in Cardio, Gastro & Orthro. I feel at home at Al Zahra with accommodating nurses & competent doctors. I always get my regular check-up/ lab test at Al Zahra. Just had my hand surgery today & it was like visiting friends & being taken good care by your family in the surgery room.(on Facebook)
Date of Posting: 07 February 2016
Posted By: Boyet Borra
Thank you to Al Zahra Hospital for being so accommodating! The admin and medical staff are great - very helpful and friendly! Nice place with awesome food choices!

Thank you so much for adding value to our experience, especially to Nurse Kim who has always been available to answer all our first-time-parents queries! Would definitely give a 6 only if possible!(on Facebook)
Date of Posting: 27 January 2016
Posted By: Nix Punzalan
I think this mail finds you in good health. Iam Dr.Dalal Fouad Head of Anesthesia department in prime hospital. I was Head of Anesthesia Department in IMH too and earlier too in EGYPT, I have 35yrs experience in anesthesia & ICU departments in Egypt & KSA & UAE & I worked With Danish Anesthesia consultant for more than 3 years. This is the short brief about my experience in Anesthesia & ICU.

My son undergone Bariatric surgery with Prof.DR.Girish in Al ZaHra Hospital, where i was lucky enough to attend with prof. DR.Medhat Shalabi who gave anesthesia for my son on 20.12.15. I have witnessed by my own eyes how Prof. DR.Medhat was very kind & friendly dealing with his patient doing every thing under his supervision & also i admire his way of approach and adjustments of drugs and using most recent monitors - + multiple adjuvant drugs including IV narcotic + pain killer & the latest technology.During post op he dealt in brilliant way for which my son can be ambulated freely with out any pain at the first day and onward.

Iam very thankful to him and I appreciate and admire his way of dealing to the patient in pre op, popst op & intra op. really he knew what is ERAS and he practiced it very well. Many thanks to Prof.DR. Medhat, God Bless you.(on Email)

Date of Posting: 18 January 2016
Posted By: Dr.Dalal Fouad
Great service. One of the best in UAE. My wife delivered a healthy baby girl at Al Zahra Dubai, there is nothing to complain about, Special thanks to Dr. May and Midwife Emma, they really did a great job! The whole experience was perfect, highly recommended! (on Facebook)
Date of Posting: 12 January 2016
Posted By: Alaa Almunayer

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