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Lung Cancer

Helping Men Live Their Best Lives

Know all about the factors that play a role in lung cancer with Dr. Sherif Fayed, Consultant Pulmonologist.
Cancer is the abnormal growth of the cells’ arbitrarily which can generally arise in any organ including the lung.

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Erectile Dysfunction

An Unusual Side Effect of Diabetes: Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetes is the most common metabolic disease worldwide, occurring in 20% of adults in numerous countries, and studies show that the number of cases is increasing exponentially. Diabetes is a serious health hazard as it occurs with long term complications that could damage many organs of the body overtime, if not managed well.

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Fight breast cancer early

Dr. Taghreed Almahmeed an American Board-certified Consultant General Surgeon working at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai with more than 20 years of experience, explains how to beat breast cancer through early detection, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and getting the best car

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