The COVID-19 tracking app is designed to be used by patients that have been examined at a clinic or ER and sent home. The application tracks if individuals have moved from low-risk groups into high-risk, as well as provides instructions and precautions for dealing with coronavirus. Providers will be able to categorize patient cases by severity and mitigate risks of public spread by providing all patients with knowledge and resources to deal with low-risk symptoms at home, while also tracking the development of symptoms in higher-risk patients.

Dear Patients,

kindly download the Corona Care App using the below links provided and please follow the below steps to complete the process.

1- Download the link through App Store

2- Registration and Verification Process

3- Connecting to the Provider/Facility by scanning the QR Code.

4- Fill in one time Covid-19 questionnaire

المرضى الأعزاء ..

برجاء تحميل تطبيق Corona Care باستخدام الروابط أدناه و يرجى اتباع الخطوات التالية لإكمال العملية.

1- قم بتنزيل الرابط من خلال متجر التطبيقات

2- قم باستكمال عملية التسجيل والتحقق

3- الاتصال بالمستشفى عن طريق مسح كود QR

4- املأ استبيان Covid-19 مرة واحدة