Internal Medicine

What is Internal Medicine?

Internal Medicine is the specialty that combines the analytical examination of laboratory science with a personalized, compassionate approach to adult medicine. This expertise enables doctors to treat both common illnesses and complex medical conditions. Internists (or Internal Medicine Experts) specialize in treating long-term chronic illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

AT AZHD our Internal Medicine Department offers the following range of services:

  • Acute Cellulitis (Severe Skin and Soft Tissue Infection)
  • Acute Kidney Injury
  • Acute Metabolism / Electrolyte Imbalances (e.g. Sodium, Potassium, Calcium)
  • Acute Pyelonephritis (Severe Infection of the Kidneys)
  • Acute Post – Operative Care Complications
  • Allergy, Immunity related Diseases and Anaphylaxis Management
  • Heart Failures
  • Hypertensive Diseases
  • Lipid Disorders
  • Management of Acute Poisoning, Drugs or Chemical Overdoses
  • Management of Benign Hematology Conditions
  • Management of Infectious Diseases, Septic Conditions, Tropical Medicine and Environmental, Physical and Heat Injuries
  • Respiratory Tract Infections
  • Stroke Services (including Acute Stroke Thrombolysis)
  • Venous Thromboembolism (DVT & PE

Meet Our Team

Our team of highly qualified and experienced physicians drawn from across the world

  • Dr. Alaa Eldin Moustafa Saleh

    Internist / Rheumatologist & Head of Department

    Dr. Alaa Eldin Moustafa Saleh

    Internist / Rheumatologist & Head of Department
    Dr. Alaa Eldin has more than 27 years of experience gained from his work and training in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. His main interest is Rheumatology patients who have conditions such as: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spondyloarthritis like Ankylosing Spondylitis, Crystal induces arthritis like Gout, Scleroderma, and other collagen diseases.
  • Worked in National Health Service (NHS) UK for 21 years.

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