Post-Covid Clinic

Welcome to the Post-Covid Clinic

What is a Post-Covid Clinic?

Have you been suffering from lingering side effects and symptoms due to your Covid – 19 infection? Have you been confused of where to go or how to rid yourself of the prolonged suffering?


Worry no more, at the Al Zahra Hospital Dubai Post-Covid Clinic, our multispecialty team of health experts carry out detailed assessments and investigations of each individual case while creating personalized treatment plans for various health concerns derived from Covid 19 infections.


The Post Covid 19 Clinic specializes in the treatment of long terms symptoms and conditions resulting from Covdi-19 infections and includes a multitude of specialties that work together to ensure proper assessment and treatment of various stemming conditions.


The first specialty to assess patients suffering Post-Covid Symptoms is the Family & Internal Medicine Clinic, who will carry out a general detailed assessment and understand the specific patient grievances. The Family Medicine physicians will further refer each individual case as needed to other specialized health experts within the Post-Covid Clinic, including:


Cardiology: Heart or Cardiovascular related problems including blood coagulation, palpitations, inflammation of the heart muscle or other COVID – 19 resulting heart problems.


Pulmonology: Shortness of breath, lung damage, prolonged coughing


Physiotherapy: Rehabilitation and Joint Pain


Extended Specialty Areas include:


Neurology: Recurring headaches, loss of smell and taste, pins and needles, memory problems, difficulty in concentration, problems sleeping


ENT: Nose and Throat or Sinus problems


Psychiatry: Anxiety & panic attacks, depression, changes in mood


Nephrology: Acute kidney injuries


Dermatology: Rashes and Hair-loss


The initial Post Covid 19 appointment can be carried out remotely, using our Telemedicine Services.

Meet Our Team

Our team of highly qualified and experienced physicians drawn from across the world

  • Dr. Lana Jamil

    Consultant Family Medicine

    Dr. Lana Jamil

    Consultant Family Medicine
    Dr. Lana Jamil is a dedicated and passionate UK trained Consultant in Family Medicine with 10 years post graduate experience, working in the United Kingdom prior to moving to Dubai. She is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, UK. She graduated from Prestigious St. Bartholomew’s and The Royal London (University of London) Medical School 2012, having completed her bachelor’s in medicine and surgery and holds an additional bachelor’s degree in medical health Science 2010. She has completed training posts in several Reputable London hospitals, covering General Surgery including Bariatric, Acute Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology and Gastroenterology.
  • Dr. Rami Sukhon

    Family Medicine - Specialist - M.B;B.S, MRCGPI

    Dr. Rami Sukhon

    Family Medicine - Specialist - M.B;B.S, MRCGPI
    Dr. Rami Sukhon has over 30 years of experience in Family Medicine and Occupational Health. He is dedicated to providing modern-audience based family practice helping patients with various conditions.
  • Dr. Ahmad Alkhatib

    Consultant Family Medicine

    Dr. Ahmad Alkhatib

    Consultant Family Medicine
    Dr. Ahmad Alkhatib is a Double Board-Certified Consultant in Family Medicine with extensive experience. Additionally, he deals with all acute and chronic cases and complaints as well as screening and prevention services, tackling chronic cases like Hypertension, Diabetes and Hypothyroidism and helping patients overcome all their psychological and physical problems. He graduated from Aleppo University 1995, and obtained a fellowship in Family Medicine.

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