Dr. Riad el Alailai

Dr. Riad El Alaili

General Surgery Consultant
Dr. El-Alaili has set up the General Surgery Department in Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. He has been practicing for 32 years in Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and now in Dubai, He is experienced in Abdominal Complex Surgeries (Colorectal and Biliary) as well as in Breast Surgery. In Switzerland he acquired large experience under the guidance of eminent mentors; he was part of the liver and kidney transplant team.


  • Swiss board of General Surgery in 1993 (FMH)
  • Member of the Lebanese Society of General Surgery
  • Diploma from the IRCAD Institute and the University of Strasbourg in advanced laparoscopic surgery in 2015
  • He headed the joint breast consultation (with Obs. & Gyne.).
  • He was an associate physician in the Lausanne (Switzerland) University Hospital.
  • He conducted a research program in the Vaud Swiss Cancer Registry.


  • Abdominal Complex Surgeries
  • Breast Surgery


Arabic, English, French, German and Italian

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