Sleep Apnea clinic

Drug Induced Sleep

When patients do not tolerate the CPAP, or do not wish to use a CPAP. Surgery is seen as a possible treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. There is anneed to know where and how the airway collapses to identify the site(s) of obstruction. Dr. Baptista is considered one of the world’s experts in Sleep Apnea Surgery.

What is drug-induced sleep endoscopy?

During drug-induced sleep endoscopy, patients receive sedation administered by an anesthesiologist in the operating room. As patients begin to snore and have some blockage of their breathing, the doctor passes a flexible telescope through one side of the nose to evaluate the throat. This technique was described almost two decades ago and is used in centers around the world.

Why should I undergo drug-induced sleep endoscopy?

Drug-induced sleep endoscopy is performed to determine whether blockage in breathing is occurring in the Palate and/or Tongue Region(s) and, more specifically, which specific structures seem to be playing a major role in airway obstruction. This is true for patients who are considering surgery for the first time and in those who have not obtained ideal results after previous procedures. Dr. Baptista incorporates information from other evaluation techniques to make a decision with our patients.
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