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Epiglottis Surgery

The epiglottis is a natural throat structure that plays a vital function in swallowing. However, Dr. Baptista’s and other experts’ research has demonstrated that the epiglottis can contribute to obstructive sleep apnea in some people. In certain circumstances, epiglottis surgery, such as partial epiglottis removal (epiglottidectomy) or shifting the epiglottis forward, might be a significant alternative (epiglottoplasty or epiglottopexy).

How is epiglottis surgery for sleep apnea performed?

Epiglottis surgery is conducted in the operating room under general anesthesia, fully through the open mouth and with no skin incisions. For partial epiglottis removal, a laser or other cutting technology is utilized to remove a section of the epiglottis and control any bleeding
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