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What causes a hearing loss?

Hearing loss and deafness are the result of sound signals not reaching the brain due to a problem in the hearing system. There are two main types of hearing loss based on origin:

Sensorineural hearing loss is the result of damage to the hair cells inside the inner ear or damage to the hearing nerve (or both). This type of loss is permanent and you need sounds to be louder in able to hear them, quiet sounds and reduces the quality of the sound that you hear.

Conductive hearing loss happens when sounds cannot pass from your outer ear to your inner ear, often because of a blockage such as ear wax or fluid behind the eardrum.


Signs of hearing loss

Signs that you might have a hearing loss

Do you turn up the TV louder than your family wants it?

Do you find it hard to follow conversation noisy places?

Do you struggle to hear on the phone?

Do you often ask people to repeat?

Do you find that others don’t speak clearly?


Signs that your child might have a hearing loss:

Do not startle to loud noises

Do not respond when you call their name, but notice you when they see you

Do not speak clearly and are behind speech development milestones (e.g. one word utterances at one year old).

set the TV louder than other family members


What to do if you suspect a hearing loss?

Book an appointment at the hearing department. There you will meet a highly trained hearing specialist who will discuss your concerns and run diagnostic tests and form a management plan.

At AlZahra we have an Audiology team combined with experienced surgeons who follows the principle of Hearing Solutions for all; this includes audiological rehabilitation, hearing implant and reconstruction surgeries.


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