The next level of corporate wellness

Corporate health impacts your bottom line

Our provides the world’s most advanced heath screening programs to increase corporate health and reduce absenteeism. Our wellness programs help employees stop smoking, manage diabetes and lose weight to improve their own health and lower the costs of healthcare. We provide complete turnkey solutions for any size of company.

Discover our four simple steps to corporate health

  • Health screening

Our screening programs range from basic, all-staff screening to the most advanced C-suite executive level screening that includes general health, risk of heart attack and cancer, nutrition, hormones, fitness, toxins, genetics and more. We screens some of the largest corporations and gets them back to optimized health.

  • Health reporting

Individual health reports are made available for every employee immediately after their screening, either online, printed, or on their own secure, smartphone app. We also provide an annual health report – just like your company’s annual financial report. Our scatter charts allow you to identify the employees who are most in need of assistance.

  • Wellness programs

Sustainable results can only be achieved when measured and monitored. Our advanced software allows you to benchmark and set individual health KPIs, measure against them, and incentivize individual employees. Our Top-Grading program identifies those most at risk and ensures that safeguards are put in place to bring them back to good health. Based on the results highlighted in the annual health report we can organize cooking and nutrition classes, yoga and fitness classes, and more.

  • Health monitoring

Our personalized smartphone app provides high levels of engagement for your employees. We provide their health history, health forecast, fitness videos, healthy food options, corporate health competitions and more. We have also included a special happiness feature to help make your workplace and each employee happier.

  • Health that fits in your pocket

Our personalized smartphone app works on any Android or iPhone and provides high levels of engagement for your employees. It gives them access to their health reports and covers many aspects of wellness, including fitness and health markers, and recommendations and recipes for healthy meals.

The calendar allows you to manage corporate events like yoga classes, cooking classes, health screening, team building, health competitions, health education seminars, and more.


Corporate screening brochure (Click here to Download the brochure)

Download sample annual corporate health report


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