Weight loss without surgery

There are different options of losing weight without surgery. 

Gastric Baloon Procedure 

The Intragastric Balloon is a nonsurgical procedure indicated for patients who are either overweight or have done dieting attempts without success. Also for super obese in order to prepare them for surgery.Intragastric Balloon is an effective procedure and incorporates a program to modify dietary behavior whilst under supervision by a professional team. The key to success, in this case, is a follow-up program the patient is willing to keep to after the balloon placement.
The Intragastric Balloon is a soft silicone balloon that is inserted into the stomach by endoscopy and is filled up with a sterile saline solution. The balloon gives you a feeling of satiety, so it should be easier to change eating habits and as a consequence, lose weight.

How is the Gastric Balloon inserted?Gastric Balloon Surgery in Dubai

Intragastric Balloon is a silicone balloon that is endoscopically inserted into the stomach through the mouth. An initial endoscopy of the esophagus, stomach, and first part of the duodenum is carried out to ensure there is no abnormality. Afterwards, the Intragastric Balloon is placed in the stomach and filled with a blue solution (saline mixed with methylene blue) The Intragastric Balloon can be inflated up to a volume between 400 and 700 cubic centimeters. This is decided during insertion depending on how overweight the patient is and the size of the stomach.

During its insertion, a local anesthetic is applied to the throat, and muscle relaxants are taken to facilitate the procedure and minimise the patient ’s discomfort.

The doctor fills the balloon with a catheter that seals hermetically once it is extracted. The insertion lasts about 20 or 30 minutes, sometimes it may take longer.

The Intragastric Balloon can be used for six months. It is not recommendable to use it for longer as the stomach’s gastric juices can weaken the balloon wall. If the patient’s tolerance to the balloon has been good and there are no gastric injuries, a new one can be placed after extraction of the existing one.

The extraction process is similar to the insertion process, except that the content of the balloon is sucked up and the wrinkled balloon is taken out through the mouth.

POSE weight loss procedure

For those people who want to lose weight without undergoing a surgery that involves incisions, the POSE procedure is the best option. Abbreviation for Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal.  

The POSE weight loss procedure is performed endoscopically through the mouth and inside the stomach using stitches, instead of cutting the abdomen. Using special instruments, folds are created in the stomach wall so that the capacity of the stomach is minimized & emptying of the stomach also slows down. Therefore, the patient feels full for long even after eating a small portion.

Unlike other weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass surgery/ sleeve surgery or band that requires cutting, removing or rerouting of either the stomach or intestines or need placing a medical implant into the body, the POSE procedure does not involve any of these. This is why after undergoing this weight loss procedure, the patient can expect a quick recovery, no or less discomfort and pain, and of course no scars.

POSE  generally requires a time span of an hour. Most of the patients that undergo this weight loss surgery return to their everyday routine very quickly. However, the recovery period depends quite upon the individual. A majority of the patients leave the clinic on the same day or after an overnight stay in the hospital. While those who have traveled for undergoing the POSE procedure can travel back home the next day after the surgery.

 Benefits of POSE

  • It does not require any external cut or incisions and therefore produces no scars on the abdomen.
  • It is safe, effective and can be performed quicklyUsually, the recovery time is fast and the patient can resume working within 2-3 days.
  • It has minimum risks compared to open or laparoscopic surgery and is found to be very effective when combined with a specific diet and exercise recommended by the nutritionist. 
  • Improves the blood sugar (if diabetic), cholesterol levels and lowers the blood pressure.


Nowadays, Botox that was generally used in different plastic surgery procedures, is being considered as a drug for weight loss by many doctors. The entire procedure is called Endoscopic Gastric Botox and it is again a method of losing weight without involving any cuts or incisions in the body.  

In this treatment, a person tends to lose weight after Botox is injected into the stomach wall. It temporarily relaxes the stomach muscles and a key nerve that controls feelings of hunger and satiety is blocked. As a result, the patient feels full more quickly and for longer than usual. And when the overall food consumption is lowered, there is a chance of losing excessive weight.  

The Endoscopic Gastric Botox treatment for weight loss is an outpatient procedure, which lasts for a duration of 20-25 minutes. The physicians make use of an endoscope to inject Botox into the upper & lower portion of the stomach and slow down the gastric motility leading to lesser consumption of food.  After the treatment, the patient is asked to stay in the hospital for 2-3 hrs. There is usually no side effect of this treatment and the patient can resume to his/her daily activities after a rest of a day.  

Benefits of Endoscopic Gastric Botox 

  • Do not involve any cuts or incisions.
  • A quick way to lose weight. The procedure last for about 20 minutes and the patient can go home after2- 3 hours of the treatment.
  • General Anesthesia is not required. The patient is however sedated.
  • No preparation before the treatment except for fasting for 8-10 hours prior to the procedure.
  • One can expect a weight loss of 6 to 8 kilos after few weeks especially if associated with healthy food & some regular exercise.


Just like the POSE procedure or Endoscopic Gastric Botox, the Obalon procedure also referred as weight loss procedure without surgery.The Obalon balloon system is designed for every overweight or obese person who wants to meet his/her weight management goals quickly without undergoing any invasive surgery or a long recovery time. The procedure is not only fast, but also is safe and simple, and is found to be very effective when combined with a specific diet and exercise recommended by the nutritionist.

 It works like other balloons viz. Orbera, Reshape & Elipse balloon.

The Obalon Balloon procedure does not require sedation. The person is simply required to swallow the balloon capsule, which is attached to a catheter. The balloon looks quite like a gelatin multivitamin capsule. Once swallowed, the balloon is released and inflated by nitrogen gas pumped through the attached catheter. But prior to the inflation process, either of fluoroscopy or digital X-ray radiographic method is used to confirm that the balloon is in place.

A single balloon acquires a space of 200-250cc volume in the stomach. As a result, the patient can control his/her appetite by feeling full and consuming less. A special diet and exercise program should also be followed to see effective results of the Obalon procedure. Many patients require 2-3 balloons to be installed in their stomach with an interval of 1-2 weeks between each implant. After a period of 3 to 6 months (as per balloon recommendation), the balloons are extracted out of the patient’s body using endoscope.  However, the effectiveness of weight loss system can be maintained by continuing the lifestyle changes imposed during the Obalon balloon procedure.

  Benefits of Obalon 

  • A quick procedure of 10 minutes.
  • No downtime required after the procedure and the patient can continue to his/her routine working.
  • Minimal or no side effects & no significant recovery time.
  • Very effective weight loss procedure when combined with specific diet and exercises.
  • Improves the blood sugar (if diabetic), cholesterol levels and lowers the blood pressure.


For more details about nonsurgical weight management solution, please consult Dr. Girish Juneja, Director bariatric (weight loss) centre, Al Zahra hospital, he is a veteran for the procedure like Gastric Balloon, Sleeve surgery, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Band and other Weight loss surgeries or revisional weight loss surgery including gastric band removal.

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