Safeguard your life and increase your vitality

Full spectrum testing

To safeguard your life, Eternity tests across the full medical spectrum including the early detection of cancer; cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack and stroke; diabetes; hormone imbalances; nutrition; genetics; and many other life-threatening or life-altering diseases.

Using the most advanced diagnostic technology, we focus on predictive and preventive health screening in combination with age management.

We can help to increase your vitality with the correct bio-identical hormones, detoxification and stem cell treatments, IV drips, nutritional supplements and other programs. Our personal product recommendations are always based on your precise health screening results.

Health reports never looked this good

Our easy-to-understand reports allow you to take control of your own health. We provide a kind of profit-and-loss statement, the P&L of your health, so you can view your health results and forecasts in the same way that you’d screen the financial health of a company. The results are available online and conveniently on your own secure, smartphone app.

Track results on your smartphone

We know that sustainable results can only be achieved with focused monitoring and regular support. Our advanced software allows you to benchmark and set yourself individual health KPIs, and to measure your progress against them on your personal health app. We will also work with your insurance provider to get you anything up to 100% coverage.


Personal screening brochure (Click here to Download the brochure) 

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