Anesthesia Technician

Minimum Qualification & Experience

  • Bachelor or Associate degree or Diploma in Anaesthesia.
  • Valid DHA Eligibility Letter / License

Knowledge / Technical Skills

  • Valid Basic Life Support – Valid Certificate (Preferred)
  • Valid Advance Cardiac Life Support.

Personal Abilities / Competencies:

  • Communication skills
  • Safety awareness
  • Computer Skills
  • Organized
  • Think Strategically
  • Problem Solving
Provides patient care and technical assistance to anaesthesiologist during all anaesthetic procedures. Care and maintenance of all anaesthetic related equipment and associated consumables in all anaesthesia locations.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Routine insertion of all intravenous infusions in the operating room, liaison with anaesthetist.
  • Initial application of all non-invasive anaesthesia related patient monitoring.
  • Routine daily, weekly, monthly maintenance and cleaning of all anaesthesia related equipment.
  • Specific case by case preparation for all anaesthetic procedure, to include all general anaesthetic, all regional anaesthetic standby procedures, and any related anaesthetic invasive procedures.
  • To be available at all times for emergency anaesthetic procedures during assigned shift.
  • Drawing of any anaesthesia related venous or arterial blood samples upon request of an anaesthesiologist.
  • Assistance to be given in positioning of all patients for all anaesthetic and surgical procedures.
  • Under direct supervision of Anaesthesiologist airway maintenance and straightforward endotracheal intubation.
  • Upholds and knowledgeable of all Anaesthesia Department rules, regulations and protocol appropriately.
  • Distribution and storage of all Anaesthesia Department consumables and drugs.
  • Yearly completion of 10 hours Continuous Medical Education (CME).
  • Perform other Anaesthesia Department related duties as directed by the Chief and/or Chairman of Anaesthesia.
  • Prepare and administer intravenous drugs as per Anaesthetist instruction and supervision.
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