Al Zahra Hospital achieve a Guinness World Record in Cholesterol Screening

“Let’s Beat It” campaign reached 2,420 participants in 8 hours at a single venue

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai has achieved a remarkable new Guinness world record for the most blood cholesterol readings in 8 hours at a single venue in the event which was held in Dubai at the Ibn Battuta Mall, from 2 – 10 PM on Friday the 10th of October.

The event was intensively advertised through all media including social media and has witnessed excellent response from the audience. The venue recorded 2,420 participants checking their blood cholesterol. Sixty nurses from Al Zahra hospital Dubai performed the tests to the public and recorded the results in less than 5 minutes all along the 8-hour time frame. Dubai residents as well had the chance to seek the advice of a cardiologist, dietitian and a family doctor at the event for further consultation.

At the end of the event Al Zahra Hospital Dubai CEO received the official certificate recording the significant achievement from Samer Khallouf, Guinness World Records Project Manager. The event concluded by a raffle draw of 20 participants winning ten free health check-ups at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai.


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