The Neurosurgical Oncology Center at Al zahra hospital of Excellence features two primary divisions:

Adult Neurosurgical Oncology and Pediatric Neurosurgical Oncology.

Our program includes leading neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists, neuropathologists, researchers, rehabilitation experts, nurses and support staff. This multidisciplinary team delivers compassionate and sophisticated care and uses the latest technologies to treat patients with tumors of the brain, spine and skull base.

Adult Neurosurgical Oncology Program

Adult Neurosurgical Oncology division is regional recognized as a leader in the treatment of patients – with both cancerous and benign tumors of the brain and spine. Our experts are skilled in the full array of treatments and technologies, and have been at the forefront in developing and advancing minimally invasive surgical techniques, , and traditional surgical approaches.

Patients with both primary and metastatic brain and spine tumors are seen at neurosurgical oncology clinic at Al zahra hospital

The center brings together specialists from neuro-oncology, neurosurgery, and radiation oncology to streamline patient care. The group holds a weekly tumor board to review patient cases and formulate care management recommendations.

Minimally Invasive and Traditional Techniques

Al zahra hospital neurooncology team  have experience with a comprehensive array of both traditional and minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures. Some of our highly specialized techniques include:

Neuroendoport® Surgery

Neuroendoport® surgery is a minimally invasive technique for removing brain tumors using an endoscope through a small clear tube, called the Neuroendoport®. This tube, or port, allows doctors to access deep-seated tumors through a smaller opening in the lining of the brain than would be used in traditional brain surgery.

Program Highlights

  •  Suitable for tumors within the substance of the brain (the parenchyma), tumors within the fluid-filled spaces of the brain (the ventricles), metastases from cancer, and gliomas.
  •  Neuroendoport surgery offers patients a number of benefits that may improve their quality of life, including minimal scarring, fewer side effects and complications, and faster recovery times than with traditional surgery.

Endoscopic Endonasal Approach (EEA)

EEA is an innovative surgical technique used to remove benign and cancerous brain tumors that are located at the skull base. EEA uses the nose and sinuses as natural corridors to access tumors and lesions in critical areas at the base of the skull or top of the spine and allows surgeons to treat many hard-to-reach tumors, even those once considered “inoperable,” without disturbing the face or skull.

      Advanced Imaging Modalities

Our neurosurgeons use neuronavigation technique and cortical mapping to localize the lesion accurately and assess the function of the patient’s brain during surgery to plan the most effective and least damaging pathways to remove brain tumors. ‘

  •  Pharmacological and gene-therapeutic strategies
  • Use of oncolytic viruses
  •  New radiation and imaging modalities

Pediatric Neurosurgical Oncology

  • State-of-the-art neurosurgical technologies including 3D navigation systems and intraoperative MRI technology
  • Access to the most innovative clinical trials for children with newly diagnosed brain tumors as well as for those children requiring further treatment should the brain or spinal cord tumor return or progress
  • Access to other services as required including pediatric neurology, neuro-ophthalmology and endocrinology

Information Booklets

Back Pain (Click here to download)

Brain Tumors and Neurosurgery (Click here to download)

Head Injury Instructions (Click here to download)

What is Enhanced Recovery After Surgery? (Click here to download)

Nutrition Guide for Cancer Patients (Click here to download)

Port Placement Booklet: (Click here to download)

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