Dr.Riad El- Alaili

Consultant in General Surgery

Head of Surgical Services (AZHD) – Director of Clinical Affairs (AZHD)

Languages spoken: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian

Dr. El-Alaili has set up the General Surgery Department in Al Zahra Hospital Dubai.

Dr. El-Alaili has been practicing since 32 years in Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and now in Dubai since 4 years, he is experienced in abdominal complex surgeries (Colorectal and biliary) as well as in breast surgery.

In Switzerland he acquired large experience under the guidance of eminent mentors; he was part of the liver and kidney transplant team and was handling also the role of coordinator.

He headed the joint breast consultation (with Obs. & Gyne.).

He was an associate physician in the Lausanne (Switzerland) University Hospital. Otherwise he conducted a research program in the Vaud Swiss Cancer Registry.


• Swiss board of General Surgery in 1993 (FMH)

• Member of the Lebanese Society of General Surgery

• Diploma from the IRCAD Institute and the University of Strasbourg in advanced laparoscopic surgery in 2015

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