Dr. Vladimir Tchouprine

Specialist Ophthalmology

MD, Ph.D., 

Languages Spoken: English, Russian.

Dr. Vladimir Tchouprine has More than 30 years’ intensive medical experience as an ophthalmic surgeon with significant accomplishments in developing new surgical techniques and tools, as a result improving quality and medical results of operations.


Ph.D. degree in medicine  (cataract, cornea) Moscow

Postgraduate studies: Cornea and cataract surgery. Department of Corneal Surgery, “Eye Microsurgery Institute”, Moscow, Russia,

Dissertation Research “Keratoplasty and posterior chamber correction of aphakia”, Department of Corneal Surgery, “Eye Microsurgery Institute”, Moscow, Russia.

Scope of service:

Cataract surgery (phacoemulsification, ECCE, ICCE),

Corneal transplantation (PK, DLK, IEKP),

Refractive surgery (ICL, PRL, CK, RK),

Keratoconus treatment (FERRARA RINGS, INTACS, CXL, Keratoplasty),

Intravitreal medicines injection,

Yag laser, glaucoma surgery,

surgery of ocular injury etc.


Ophthalmology Board Certification:

Moscow Eye Microsurgery (Fyodorov) institute, Russia since 1990

Dubai Health Authority, UAE, Since 1996

Professional Affiliations:

Emirates Ophthalmology Society / Russian Ophthalmology Society