It is about six months since my surgery. Now, for sure it is a good time to give a first update of the experience so far.
Firstly, anybody who thinks have a Gastric Sleeve Procedure is the easy option, should think again. There is both a physical and psychological set of effects that affect you during the post procedure process. These affects are something that no body, despite all the information online on the world web, prepares you for, but the benefits completely far outweigh the pain I endured in the first month or so. I am now just about “even keel” in both aspects
The stats are that I am 1.78M height and weighed 107 Kg. I have been in Dubai for twenty years and when I arrived in UAE I was 85 Kg. So, I arrived slightly overweight I guess and every year, I have added 1 Kg to my weight. In June 2018, on my 581h birthday I decided to sort my weight issue out once and for all. As such, I visited Dr. Girish at Al Zahra Hospital. On my first appointment, I was met by a professional, who asked me very direct and pertinent questions about my efforts to lose weight normally, he then explained the options I had and then in return, answered openly and honestly my questions about what could and could not be done. The professionalism and honestly stand out and you need this trust in such a person, for such a life changing procedure
I elected the Gastric Sleeve procedure and had the operation in the last week of July 2018. Today I am 82 Kg, which is 25 Kg less than before the procedure. How do I feel? A thousand times better! Physically, I no longer have high blood pressure and no longer need medication as my level has returned to normal levels. On the psychological side, I now, actually look in the mirror every morning and now look back at myself with pride. I feel I have purpose again with both mind and body. This is something that has been missing in me for many years, as I was definitely depressed about my weight and appearance. Being overweight, affected many, many things and now, more than ever, I realise I could have made the necessary changes earlier in my life
I do follow the dietician guidelines; eat off a small 6″ plate with 50% protein, 25% veg and 25% carbs. I never have yet finished the plate. I read the calorie and protein content of every piece of food or drink I might buy. The carbs and sugar content in many of things I thought were OK to eat before is frightening, I will never go back to eating such crap again (I never had a coke or fizzy drink since the operation). The traps in many foods are something I feel needs legislation on the food industry, to stop them letting us all over eating, even if you are thin. My treat is often in the evening, a simple ice lolly, which is low in calories and this does me wonders on the feel-good side at the end of another good day
I have a little way to go to reach my goal of 77Kg, but I reckon by Easter, I will be or there about for sure, If I maintain the discipline. I need to swim more, which is the best keep fit exercise for me, I will keep taking my daily vitamins. Most of all, I will be smiling!!!! I have already got rid of loads of clothes that no longer fit and I feel and for sure look younger
Downside is the pain in stomach and digestive area, if I over eat or rush to eat something. This, is enough to stop anybody trying to overeat, trust me! Would I do the surgery again? Absolutely! Would I recommend it to others? Definitely! Is it worth the money? The savings on food bills when eating out in the last six months, for sure, means within a year the operation would have paid for itself and my health is in a place where I now feel confident of living for many, many years after I retire and not struggle with the side effects of being overweight. If you are thinking of such an operation, do it, you will never look back!!!
Best Regards


Date of Posting: 22 January 2019
Posted By: Kenneth

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