The Perks of the Relex Smile Procedure for Vision Problems with Dr. Sandip Mitra, Consultant Ophthalmologist

There are numerous laser eye surgeries out there, making it difficult to decide what the best option is. Laser vision correction is a decision that must be taken with high importance, since it has a large impact on one’s life and future. Being freed of your glasses or contacts is an exciting part of the whole process, however there are other steps and considerations that one should acknowledge. One of the latest procedures for vision problems is the Relex Smile Procedure, known to be a safe painless procedure with long term vision stability.

The Relex Smile stands for Refractive lenticule extraction and small incision lenticule extraction, in which no blade is required, and neither is lifting of the corneal flap which automatically reduces the risks immensely and removes any patient’s fear of blades near their eye. This procedure integrates refractive femtosecond laser technology and lenticule extraction to create a safer option that is performed in one single step.

Due to its distinguished features, the Relex Smile Procedure comes with a wide variety of benefits which include it being a minimal invasive surgery, preserves the integrity of the upper corneal layers, ensures the preservation of the corneal biomechanical stability, leads to less nerve damage and therefore, minimizes the severity of dry eye syndrome and the absence of flap eliminates the risk for flap complications such as epithelium in-growth, flap dislocation, infections and striae.

Additionally, this procedure is most suitable for those suffering from myopia, short sightedness, and astigmatism. It helps in correcting the myopic and astigmatic refractive errors as well as removes the need of spectacles. One must also be over the age of 18 without having any major changes in his/her vision 12 months prior. Additional factors will be assessed by the doctor.

“In my experience, I have noticed that with Relex Smile Procedure most of the complications, if any exist, are minor and can be managed by an experienced surgeon. Further, 90 % of the eyesight is typically recovered within 24 hours while full recovery might take 3-4 days. To add, surgical results are not only highly predictive but also long lasting with minimal regression over time” Dr. Sandip Mitra, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Once the procedure is successfully performed, there are no restrictions and one can resume all activities within 24 hours including sports, office, gym cosmetics, and so on. On the other hand, it is important to follow the aftercare routine which includes mainly eye drops and lubricants to ensure full recovery. 

Dr. Sandip Mitra has more than 20 years of experience in his respective field. He specializes in Ophthalmology and performs the following surgeries: LASIK, Macular Degeneration Surgery, Vitrectomy and more. His Medical practice has been associated with various reputed hospitals in the United Arab Emirates, Australia and the U.K. During his career, Dr. Sandip Mitra has performed more than 10,000 refractive procedures, 30,000 cataract surgeries, and 10,000 corneal grafts.

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