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Tongue Base Surgery

Although many people have sought to fix snoring and sleep apnea with a single treatment, this has not been successful. There is no method that is effective for everyone. Patient and procedure-specific outcomes are highly variable. Dr. Baptista has extensive expertise in conducting a variety of palate surgeries, and he uses his experience and published research to match patients and procedures to produce the best possible results. Selecting operations and forecasting outcomes is far from flawless, but Dr. Baptista teaches on this topic around Spain and the world, promoting sleep surgery by educating patients and colleagues.

An Expert in Sleep Apnea Tongue Region Surgery

Dr. Baptista is an expert in tongue base surgery, having conducted hundreds of operations of this type using cutting-edge Da Vinci Robotic Surgery and Coblation n for tongue base reduction.
Sleep apnea is common in people who have extra tissue at the back of their tongue. This is especially common in people with Down syndrome or macroglossia, which is characterized by an abnormally huge tongue.
Tongue reduction surgery is a surgical treatment that minimizes the overall size of the tongue’s base.
There are numerous techniques for tissue reduction that can be performed on the tongue. These are some examples:
Resection of the midline glossectomy (Coblation) Radiofrequency Tongue Resection of the tongue base (Coblation/Da Vinci Robotic Surgery)
In some cases, however, there is not an excess of tissue but a lack of tone in the muscles of the tongue base, and this type of surgery will be insufficient.
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