Dr. Samih Tarabichi

Consultant Orthopedics Surgery

Dr. Samih Al Tarabishi is considered the most famous joint surgeon in the Middle East. He established Tarabichi Center for Joint treatment 20 years ago, which is considered the most distinguished center in the Middle East that provides the latest and most comprehensive medical services starting from the personalized conservative treatments till designing artificial joint by 3D printing technology specially made for each patient measurements.

Currently holding six patents from the United States that cover various aspects of joint replacement surgery so far.

Dr. Tarabishi worked within the team who developed Persona knee implant from Zimmer Company in the United States of America, the joint that changed the global perspective of this surgery by enabling the patient to fully fold and sit on the ground after the operation, and he is currently working with the same company to develop new systems the revision knee replacement surgery of the artificial joint, which is considered the most complex in all levels and expected to come out to the world in the year 2020

Chairman of International Congress for Joint Reconstruction (ICJR ME) in the Middle East since 2011



  • 1979 Illinois University, IL, United States for training and fellow researcher.
  • Trained in Ohio state university and graduated from Mcgill University in 1987
  • Practiced medicine in Citrus Memorial Hospital 502 Highland Boulevard Inverness, Florida for over 10 years.


  • Conservative and surgical knee treatment
  • Revision and Re-Revision knee replacement surgery
  • Conservative and surgical Hip treatment
  • Revision and Re-Revision hip replacement surgery
  • ACL repair
  • Minimal invasive orthopedic surgeries

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