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What is a Pediatric Surgeon?

A pediatric surgeon is specifically trained to perform surgical procedures in children, treating conditions and diseases that require certain specializations. Additionally, through their training, they gained the ability to attend to children, making them feel at ease as well as the ability to address their unique medical needs.

It is a parent’s worst nightmare knowing that their child needs surgery.

At Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, we provide advanced medical and surgical care for children at all ages treating numerous conditions from the simplest to the highly complex.

We offer safe and caring environments to guarantee that your little ones feel the utmost comfort and achieve the best possible results. At our pediatric department, our team offers a client centered approach to ensure that your children get all the medical assistance needed from screenings and diagnosis to surgical care and beyond.

Surgical Pediatric Conditions treated at AZHD:

Digestive, Urologic and Congenital Malformations
Hypospadias and Circumcision
Abnormalities of the Groin Including Hernias and Hydroceles
Cancers and Tumors
Fetal Diagnosis Treatment
Undescended Testis
Head and Neck Masses
Traumatic Injuries and More

Why Choose Our Pediatric Surgery Services?

At AZHD, we provide complete comprehensive care to all your children from diagnosis and assessments to surgical procedures and aftercare. Through our multifaceted team of pediatricians, you will find all the essentials that your child needs including a specialized pediatric surgeon.

Our leading Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. Fadi Iskandarani, offers professional care that meets the unique requirements of your little ones. Specializing in the medical needs of children, our Pediatric Surgeon has extensive experience in his respective field, making him an extensively qualified expert.

Along with being qualified experts, Pediatric Surgeons have extensive practice with children and their families, ensuring that your children are in safe hands.

Meet Our Team

Our team of highly qualified and experienced physicians drawn from across the world

  • Dr. Prabhakar Patil

    Specialist Pediatrician and Neonatologist

    Dr. Prabhakar Patil

    Specialist Pediatrician and Neonatologist
    As a Neonatologist, Dr. Patil has spent significant time working in prestigious neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), caring for fragile premature infants and critically ill newborns. His adeptness in managing high-risk neonatal cases, along with his profound understanding of the delicate needs of newborns, has been instrumental in saving lives and ensuring positive outcomes for even the tiniest patients
  • Dr. Mohammed Ali Alsabbah

    Consultant Pediatrician

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