Al Zahra hospital offers next-generation telemedicine services to provide:

Benefits of Telemedicine

  • More convenient
  • Improves access to medical care as care can be obtained from your home, office or other locations
  • Reduces transportation time and costs
  • Reduces infection risks
  • More efficient medical evaluation and management
  • Access to local or international expertise.

What is Telehealth

Telehealth is a delivery of healthcare services by conquering distance and providing access to  patients who cannot travel. Telehealth can achieve universal health coverage by improving access to quality and cost effective health services to patients wherever they may be.

How does telehealth work?

Telehealth uses information and communications technology for exchanging information in order  to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries , research evaluation  and continuing education of health professionals. Further it can be used remotely from home or by doctors in their clinics to make healthcare service as accessible as possible. People can use smart gadgets like personal computers, mobile phones to check most healthcare data including prescriptions.

Main objective of telehealth

  • Easly accessible.
  • Receive pharmaceutucal prescription
  • Specialist referrals

Who can benefit most from telehealth?

  • It’s valuable for people who are vulnerable groups and ageing population.
  • It’s also ideal for individuals in similar situations as a system allows a 24/7 service for all



To book an appointment: Call us @  +971 4 378 6666 your request and request at the portal at


Our Call Center agents receives the request and will assist you in registeration and booking process. You will be asked questions to determine if  you need emergency care .


You will  receive a link for terms and conditions and  a link for payment.


You will receive confirmation of payment  and  the link of appointment to your registered email to log in which will be used for teleconsultation.


Login into application with device having a camera and audio on date and time of your scheduled appointment.


Our physicians will provide you with medical and wellness advice along with required prescriptions and follow-up.


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Ear Nose and Throat
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