Release of Information

Access of Medical Information at AL ZAHRA HOSPITAL-DUBAI

Any Patient At AL ZAHRA HOSPITAL-DUBAI Has The Right To Ask For A Copy Of Their Medical Records.

When a patient signs the consent form for Release of Information, they are giving AL ZAHRA HOSPITAL-DUBAI permission to release or disclose health information to the nominee/representative mentioned in the consent form. All patients must authorize the release of their medical information and highlight to whom this information can be released. You can click RELEASE OF INFORMATION CONSENT FORM to download and fill-up the Consent form to then send to Copies of medical records will only be released through the Medical Records Department. Medical Records Department (Release of Information) is open from 10 am until 9 pm.

  • Laboratory results are made available in the Mobile Application & SMS Link (Link for IOS & Android), once the final report is authorized by the respective department.
  •  Request for reports through email or in person, the reports will be released once the final report is authorized by the respective department.

Records can be released to a representative, spouse or family member if the representative, spouse or family member has a signed authorization from the patient authorizing the release. The representative, spouse or family member must present a valid ID (passport copy or Emirates ID) and a copy of a valid ID from the patient before the information can be released. Records of minor children can be released to the parents without authorization. The parent will need to present their ID to receive the records of their minor child or children.

Yes, we will send your medical information to the registered email address that you have confirmed and duly signed in the Release of Information Consent Form. If you do not have an email address registered with us, complete the following process:

  • Download the Release of Information Consent Form and fill it up to indicate your email address and send the scanned copy to or handover in person to the reception.
  • Send us the completed consent forms to update the contact details.
NOTE: Information will ONLY be sent to the registered email address, for inquiries and further information, please send an email to / Medical Records Hotlines No:+971 4378 1238.

Consent for sharing information with DHA-NABIDH