Dr. Ahmed Moussa

Neurology Consultant, Head of Department

Dr. Ahmed Moussa, a renowned consultant in Neurology, brings over 20 years of dedicated experience in managing and treating neurological disorders. A proud alumnus of Cairo University Hospital, Dr. Moussa graduated in 2000, subsequently enriching his expertise with a Master’s degree in Neurology and Psychiatry. His academic journey culminated in earning a Ph.D. in Neurology in 2011.

Dr. Moussa’s proficiency encompasses a broad spectrum of neurological disorders, with a particular focus on headaches, spine disorders, multiple sclerosis, and stroke management. His commitment to the field is further exemplified by his active membership in both the American and European Academies of Neurology.

Beyond his clinical excellence, Dr. Moussa is a respected contributor to the scientific community, with numerous papers and articles published in international medical journals. His insights and research continue to enrich the field of neurology, making him an asset to our medical team.



    • Master degree in Neurology


    • All types of Headaches
    • All types of dizziness and vertigo
    • memory and concentration impairment
    • neck and back pain
    • weakness
    • nerve disorders
    • anxiety and depression
    • epilepsy
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Dementia

    Cerebrovascular stroke

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