Dr. Behrad Elahi

Dr. Behrad Elahi is an Iranian Board Certified interventional cardiologist  with more than 8 years experience in hospital and clinical setting .He is an elite Cardiologist trained as a Heart Team Leader in Zurich University ,with a strong ability to take the best final decision in critical and complex scenarios related to heart health. He has more than 50 publications and presentations in international and local conferences, journals and newspapers. He trained in Cardiology in Tehran University and became member of National Talents Foundation for his abilities.


  • Urgent management of Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction) with Primary PCI (Stenting)
  • Angiography and angioplasty for coronary artery and peripheral artery disease
  • Chronic total occlusion (CTO) intervention
  • Structural heart disease intervention
  • Preventive Cardiology
  • Non-invasive procedures ( EST ,Echocardiography , Holter monitoring , Coronary CT angiogram )

Video Interviews

  • Cardiology Team

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  • Fellowship of Interventioal Cardiology.
  • Member of American Heart Association.
  • Member of European Cardiac Society.
  • Member of Emirates Cardiac Society.
  • Member of Iranian Heart Association.
  • Certified in structural heart disease intervention for Aortic Valve (TAVI) from Zurich University.


English and Persian
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