Dr. Reham Gamaleldine

Specialist Pediatrician

Dr. Reham’s impressive journey began in Egypt, where she earned her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Tanta University in 2007. She excelled as a pediatrician at Tanta University Hospital, ranking at the top of her class. Her dedication led to her appointment as a lecturer in the Pediatric Department at the College of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt.

Following this, she pursued further excellence by obtaining membership in the Royal College of Pediatrics in the UK. Driven by her passion for pediatric care, she completed a postgraduate pediatric nutrition program at Boston University in the United States, including an early nutritionist course.

In 2014, Dr. Reham embarked on a new chapter in Dubai, where she initially served as a pediatric specialist at NMC Royal Hospital DIP for two years. Her commitment to pediatric care continued at Medcare Women and Children Hospital for nearly seven years before she found her current role at Alzahra Hospital Dubai.

Throughout her remarkable 16-year career, Dr. Reham has demonstrated her deep love for pediatrics. She has been a beacon of support to countless families, consistently addressing patient concerns and providing clear explanations of treatment plans. Dr. Reham’s dedication extends to counseling parents, fostering trust and confidence during challenging times.

Her belief in open communication is unwavering, as she ensures that both children and parents are well-informed about every aspect of their child’s condition. Dr. Reham’s strongest quality lies in her commitment to giving each clinic visit the time and attention it deserves, making every family feel valued and cared for.



  • MSC Master degree pediatrics (Egypt)
  • Mrcpch (UK) membership of the royal College of pediatrics in England
  • PGPN Boston university (US)
  • Early nutrition specialist degree from United States
  • Training in pediatric cardiac catheterization in Tanta university Egypt
  • Member of the Egyptian pediatric union
  • Lecturer of pediatrics in Tanta medical college (Egypt)
  • Member of emirates pediatric association


All pediatric cases
Pediatric nutrition , picky eater nutrition and atheistic child nutrition
All respiratory conditions and complaints (cough, wheezy chest, fever, allergy, skin disorder, respiratory distress, croup)
Allergic disorder with asthma
Growth and development disorders
Allergic disorder
Gastrointestinal symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, GIT bleeding)
Bleeding disorders
Neurological and nutritional disorders
Growth disorders
Genetic disorders
Common childhood diseases
All acute and chronic diseases of childhood
Child immunization program
Newborn baby care (babies that need continuous monitoring)
Newborn feeding problems and milk allergies
Encouragement of breastfeeding
Common critical care cases
High dependency pediatric care

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