Dr. Wesam AL-Sakkaf

Consultant Hematologist
Dr. Wesam AL-Sakkaf is a highly experienced hematology consultant who has worked for the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom for the past 15 years.


  • MD, Slovakia with Distinction.
  • MSc (UCL London).
  • MRCP UK.
  • FRCPath UK.
  • CCT UK.
  • Member of BSH (British Society of Haematology).
  • The license of General Medical Council UK, GMC.

His extensive training and experience in top hospitals, such as the University Hospital of Bristol and the Royal United Bath, have provided him with a wealth of knowledge in the treatment of hematological disorders, such as blood cancers and general hematology.


  • Haematological and blood cancers like Lymphoma, Myeloma, Leukaemia, and MDS.
  • General Haematology, anaemia, iron deficiency, low platelet (Thrombocytopenia), High platelets(Thrombocythemia), low blood counts, Neutropenia, Thalassemia, sickle cell disease, autoimmune anaemia, antiphospholipid syndrome.
  • Bleeding disorders, Haemophilia, Von Willebrand, bruising and Obstetric Haematology.
  • Stem cell disorders and transplant.


English, Arabic and Slovak

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