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Our Weight Management Solutions in Dubai

Al Zahra’s Unique Weight Loss Surgery Program

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai has been certified as “Center Of Excellence” For Weight Loss Surgery and Dr. Girish Juneja as “Surgeon Of Excellence” For Bariatric Surgery Since 2016, offers a unique, team Approach, world-class weight loss surgery and non-surgical program. Now there is no need to travel outside the Emirates to receive state of the art, and safe treatment for obesity, it is right here on your doorstep.Dr. Girish Juneja “Surgeon Of Excellence”, IFSO “EAC-BS” Certified for Bariatric Surgery has established exclusive bariatric department in 2015 in al Zahra hospital with the aim to provide best bariatric services with highest standard of care to local & visiting patients ( meeting the directives of Dubai govt for medical tourism too) . Dr Girish Juneja’s excellent work & data met all the standards of world body IFSO programme for Center of Excellence & got first center of Excellence award in UAE by IFSO.

Our team recently got strengthened further by the addition of Dr. Andrew Jenkinsonwho also works at The London Clinic on Harley Street.


Bariatric surgery works by permanently re-setting the appetite and satiety signals that you receive throughout the day. This means that you feel much less hunger and much fuller, even after a small meal.


Because of the change in appetite it becomes very easy to lose a considerable amount of weight. This type of surgery is becoming increasingly popular as people realise that, with an experienced surgeon, the surgery is very safe.

Beside surgery, center offers non surgical weight loss solutions by Dr. Girish Juneja like GASTRIC BALLOON (6 Types)  & POSE procedure for people who don’t want surgery or are not fit for surgery or wants to try these solutions before surgical options.


Al Zahra offers all solutions for weight loss including surgical procedures to help people lose weight:

  • Gastric Sleeve
  • Mini-gastric bypass
  • Roux-en Y gastric bypass
  • Gastric band
  • Revisional surgery if previous surgery in other centres has been unsuccessful
  • Gastric balloon (all kinds- 6 Types)
  • POSE Endoscopic weightloss procedure


The Al Zahra Bariatric program has the following unique qualities:

  • The first hospital to be accredited a bariatric center of excellence in the UAE under leadership of Dr. Girish Juneja
  • A fast track program, based on European standards, meaning only one night in hospital and one week off normal activities
  • Mobile access to bariatric team  24/7
  • State of the art  bariatric facility
  • First center to offer all kinds of weight loss solutions ( surgical & non surgical) under one roof.


Al Zahra Bariatric Unit – World Class, Safe Weight Loss Surgery right here on your doorstep.



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