The mission of the Urology department is to be a pre-eminent tertiary urology facility of excellence, providing compassionate, state-of-the-art patient care and clinically safe and efficient service.
AZHD’s Urology Department offers the following range of services:

Disorders that are treated and services provided include:

Stone Unit

Urology provides a complete consultant led service from the Emergency Room to the metabolic assessment and stone prevention strategy.

The main emphasis is on the use of a minimally invasive approach in order to minimize the recovery period and improve patient comfort.

Only the latest techniques are employed, including extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy and ureterorenoscopy with laser

Uro-Oncology  Service

The department is fully equipped and capable of providing a seamless treatment for all urological malignancies, starting from screening and diagnostics to terminal care. A multidisciplinary approach in consultation with oncologists is practiced where appropriate.

The physicians are capable of performing all major urological procedures, including radical prostatectomies, radical cystectomies (with or without neobladder reconstructions), and radical nephrectomies, including nephron sparing surgery where appropriate. In suitable patients, laparoscopic nephrectomies and partial nephrectomy are carried out.

Prostate Enlargement Unit

We offer the Green Light XPS system (180 watt) providing excellent ablative and haemostatic properties with minimal risk for our patients on a short term care basis.
Full clinic evaluation of these patients with needed Uroflow, bladder scan

Reconstructive Urology

Facilities are available to cater for a comprehensive range of reconstructive urology procedures. Urodynamic (and video urodynamics where indicated) can be performed. The department is capable of managing all types of urological problems, including incontinence, genitourinary fistulae, urethral strictures and neuropathic bladder.

Men’s health ,Andrology and Infertility

Mens health evaluation including sexual function, prostate screening, and  comprehensive andrology service is offered, ranging from diagnostic to therapeutic services. Full ranges of surgical services are available to manage these problems. These include surgical correction of penile abnormalities and penile implant.
Also different modalities for Treatment of varicocele, laparoscopic, and microscopic is available

Pediatric Urology

Close collaboration exists between the department and obstetrics and pediatrics. All types of disorders including antenatally diagnosed and congenital anomalies are treated.

Female Urology

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence: Treatment options range from training of the pelvic floor upto the most modern Surgical Interventions on / within one day care basis
  • Urodynamic Studies: these studies differentiate the type of incontinence in order to select the right treatment for our patients
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