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Emergency (ER)
Emergency (ER)

Emergency (ER)

Our goal is to attend to your urgent healthcare needs with expert care as promptly as possible.
As one of the premier hospitals in Dubai for overall clinical excellence, the emergency department at AZH Dubai is open 24/7 providing a wide range of high quality services.
The staff at the emergency room strives to set high standards and take pride in meeting and exceeding these standards to provide you quality medical care.
Our emergency practitioners treat a full spectrum of patients with our Promise of Medicine pledge for innovative, collaborative and compassionate care.
Our facility includes a nursing hub surrounded by patient rooms, dedicated areas for resuscitation and a variety of specialty patient areas.
At AZHD, we maintain ambulances equipped to the maximum standards with emergency equipment such as oxygen, ventilator, monitors, syringe pumps and emergency drugs. Expert paramedics accompany the ambulances and are trained to provide necessary emergency pre-hospital treatment 24/7

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