Beat the Scorching Heat this Summer!

The scorching UAE summer is here, with temperatures as high as ever and humidity levels hitting the roof. High temperatures can be exhausting for the body as our bodies will use their energy to try and stabilize our body temperature leaving us tired and dehydrated.   Here are 6 tips to keep you in top…

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UAE’s First Fully Awake Cochlear Implant Surgery Performed at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai carries out UAE’s first Cochlear Implant Surgery done under Local Anesthesia 80-Year-Old man regains his hearing after undergoing Cochlear Implant  Surgery while fully awake Internationally Renowned Consultant ENT Surgeon Dr. Jamal Kassouma carries out UAE’s first Cochlear Implant Surgery under local anesthesia. An 80-year-old man was able to follow his son…

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Artificial Intelligence Elevating Patient Communication and Access to Care

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai adopts Artificially Intelligence powered platforms to elevate patient driven communication and access to care Patients can now book instantly through WhatsApp Business, Facebook and the Website with an Artificially Intelligent Virtual Assistant Dubai August 2020 – Al Zahra Hospital Dubai announced the AI powering of all communication and appointment booking platforms,…

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